Whether or not you make New Year’s resolutions, the end of the year is a great time to reflect on the past year and plan the next. You likely have some ideas already for how you’ll approach 2020, but I’d like to encourage you to reprioritize reading in the coming year. Here’s why.

A book is a screaming deal.

In exchange for $20 and a few hours of your time, you receive distilled wisdom on a subject you care about. Okay, okay, wisdom isn’t guaranteed, but nearly all nonfiction books contain at least one good idea. Some contain a couple; some a dozen. The fact is, $20 for an idea that helps you solve a problem or generally enriches your life is about the best bargain you’ll find anywhere.

And the problem might be a big one. What value would you place on a book that inspires you to start exercising after years of sedentary living, or spurs you to start a side business, or helps you finally forgive someone who wronged you long ago?

20 bucks? No. You can’t put a price on something like that. And there are books out there—good ones—to help you solve any problem in your life.

In the long run, there is no more cost-effective way than constant reading to acquire the knowledge you need to make your life better.