Think of a big project you’re working on. (If you’ve been putting it off, even better.)

Is your project more like building a house or learning to drive?

You can’t break ground on a house until the plans are right. You don’t get a do-over on laying a foundation, and you don’t decide to add a couple extra bedrooms on the second floor once the framing is done. You get the plans right, just right, and then you begin. If you’re not quite happy with the plans, take a breather. Don’t begin.

Learning to drive a car, on the other hand, is all about learning as you go. You only need to know the basics before you start (gas right, brake left), and the sooner you start lurching around an empty parking lot, the better. You’ve got lots of room for making mistakes, and the quickest way to learn to avoid them is to make them in a safe environment. Once you know the basics, begin.

Most big projects feel like building a house but are more like learning to drive. Trying to account for every detail before you start working is rarely prudent and often costly. It’s a delaying tactic. You’re not pouring a foundation; you’re learning how to brake smoothly.

Since you don’t need blueprints, your plan doesn’t have to be perfect.

Get behind the wheel and start lurching forward.