Change is hard to swallow, and the entire world has choked down a heaping spoonful of it over the last few weeks. We’re all wrestling with big questions that can’t be answered:

  • What will the world look like in a week? A month?
  • How bad will the economy get?
  • When will normal life resume?

We can’t control any of this, so it’s not worth focusing on. Here’s what we might focus on instead:

  • Taking care of ourselves.
  • Caring for others.
  • Finding new ways to contribute.
  • Finding new ways to connect.

“Change” is underselling it, really—we’re in a crisis. Crises can be traumatic, but they also bring clarity. In sweeping away so much of what we thought was important, crises reveal what really matters: our deepest values, our loved ones, and the unique contribution each of us gets to make.