gratitude check up. A delicious americano, latte and croissants. Something to be grateful for.

Would you spend two minutes right now in order to feel happier?

Me too. Let’s do a gratitude check-up.

This is a great habit to establish. Cultivating gratitude gets us out of our own heads and re-establishes perspective. It takes very little time and provides a significant boost in mood.

Got two minutes? Here are four questions to ask yourself.

1. What do you have that many people don’t?

If you’re reading this, you have shelter, water and food. You’ve probably never not had them, at least for any length of time.

What about safety? Lots of folks don’t have that.

A job? Many people in your city alone would love to have your job. Mine too.

Coworkers and friends who care about you?

A loving partner?

An adorable pet?

Free time for hobbies you enjoy?

2. What do you have that your great-great-grandparents didn’t have?

You guys, we live in an amazing time.

Humans can fly. Take that, nature! You can get from Miami to Seattle in a day. 3,300 miles between sunrise and sunset.

War and violence are on the decline. The world is getting safer and safer.

Thanks to your smartphone, you can communicate instantly with anyone on the planet.

Medical care is unrecognizable compared to 200 years ago. Need an appendectomy today? NBD. Need one in the early 1800’s? Let’s just say you’re in for a very different experience.

3. What do you have that you didn’t used to have?

How have things gotten better for you?

Maybe you’re in a great relationship or have a job you really love.

Maybe you’ve lost weight or have a new career plan.

Maybe you’re finally saving for retirement.

What’s improved in your life? There are usually more answers to this question than come to mind at first.

4. What do you have that you won’t always have?

Time with an aging relative?

An upcoming vacation to look forward to?

What about your health? If you have the energy to do the things you want to do when you want to do them, appreciate it! It won’t always be true.

Not to be a downer, but you and I won’t always be alive. Those cheesy Hallmark cards are right: each day really is a gift.