My friend Erin recently hipped me to a great podcast episode: The Knowledge Project’s interview with psychologist Dan Ariely.

Ariely is a household name in the worlds of psychology and behavioral economics, and the interview is full of interesting insights and actionable tips. At exactly six minutes in, he casually mentions a clever way to encourage yourself to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Place them right in the middle of the fridge.

As Ariely explains, crisper drawers are designed to prolong the life of produce by controlling humidity, and while that sounds great in theory, the fact that they’re located at the bottom of your fridge makes us less likely to remember their contents. Plus, crisper drawers are usually opaque in order to hide dirt.

I’m about to try this myself, so feel free to join me. Produce stored this way may not last quite as long, but that’s less likely to matter since we’ll actually be eating it.