In a couple weeks, I’ll take two Think Days to pause and reassess my life.

I’m currently a walking advertisement for the importance of making time to intentionally realign one’s life with one’s values.

  • I’ve stopped exercising and have put on about 15 pounds.
  • My diet resembles what a 7th grader would eat if locked inside a convenience store overnight.
  • I’m spending major time on minor things, over-feeding some areas of life and starving others.
  • My reading habit is dormant.

These issues are not the end of the world, but they do need to be addressed. We can’t keep life in perfect balance for six months straight—life just doesn’t work that way, and it’s not really supposed to. Everything drifts off course given enough time, and the key is to regularly take time to reassess and adjust. Think Days are the best way I’ve found do to so.

How about your life? Are you living your values and making a contribution? What’s going great? What needs adjusting?

If your life could use some tweaking, I strongly encourage you to take a couple of Think Days to reflect and make a plan. It’s not easy to find the time for deep reflection, but the benefits are too great to pass up.