Our jobs will always ask for more.

More time, more energy, and more commitment. That’s just the way life works—if we’re effective at what we do, people will seek us out. Work flows to capable people as dependably as water flows to low spots in a landscape.

And today, it’s possible to work non-stop, answering emails on our phone during dinner with the family, responding to Slack messages on Saturday night, and spending a couple hours working each day during a beach vacation.

Investing heavily in our careers is a wise move, but a good life is about far more than work. And because most jobs will happily take as much of our time and energy as we’ll give them, it’s up to each of us to set boundaries between our jobs and the rest of our lives.

What’s acceptable for you? Do you want to leave work at 5:00 PM sharp and not think about it again until the next morning? Are you okay with a 30-minute evening email check? What about weekends?

Where you place your work boundary isn’t as important as having one in the first place. The rest of your life—your loved ones, in particular—deserves some freedom from your job.

You can decide how much, but make sure you decide.