What’s the best way to save more money?

It doesn’t involve goal-setting, self-discipline, or even budgeting. If you want to increase your savings rate, call Payroll and have a portion of your paycheck direct deposited into your savings account. You’ll quickly adjust to living on less, and your savings will grow steadily without any action on your part. Save, then spend what’s left. Even if you dip into your savings from time to time, you’ll save far more than if you spend, then save what’s left.

The best way to become more productive isn’t to get a ToDoist subscription, dive super deep into Evernote, or become a GTD black belt. These things may help, but the best way to increase your productivity is to plan out your entire day.

The best way to clean your shower involves neither elbow grease nor fancy cleaning products. Just mix one part Dawn dish soap with one part vinegar, spray the solution on your shower floor, and wipe the nastiness away a couple hours later.

I once convinced myself I had throat cancer. The lump (tumor???) in my throat turned out to be . . . acid reflux.

We gravitate toward complex solutions, but it’s worth trying the simple ones first.