When he was CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates spent a week, twice a year, isolated in a cabin in the woods.

What did Gates do for a week by himself? He thought.

He read, too, and wrote. He pondered the overall direction of his company and the forces at work in the technology sector. In other words, he stepped outside the whirlwind of daily life and considered the big questions that we rarely consider (even though the answers to these questions should be dictating what our daily life looks like). Gates considered these “think weeks” vital to his success as a leader, and others have since adopted the practice.

I’m trying it next week.

Since I don’t have a week of vacation days to spare, I’ve set aside next Monday and Tuesday as “think days.” I’m going to think, read, and write about my values, my current direction, and my progress in various areas of life. I’ll report back to you with a summary of what worked and what didn’t, so you can try a “think day” or two if you’re so inclined.

Wish me luck!