Just a quick note for you today!

I read many blogs but subscribe to relatively few. When it comes to topics like personal development, productivity, lifelong learning, and improving our work lives, I’ve not found anything better than the four blogs below. They bring the heat nearly every time, and if you like this blog, you’re likely to love these.

  • Farnam Street. Shane Parrish, the author of Farnam Street, is widely-read and steeped in the “worldly wisdom” of Charlie Munger. Reading Farnam Street has helped me learn to make better decisions.
  • Seth Godin’s blog. Seth blogs every day on a wide variety of topics. His daily blog is among the first things I read each morning, and it helps me set the tone for the day with a blend of intellectual stimulation and plain old inspiration.
  • Cal Newport’s blog. Cal Newport’s productivity ideas have largely replaced GTD for me, and that’s saying something. His writing has helped me turn my focus to working on the right things instead of simply working hard.
  • Scott Young’s blog. Scott is an impressive autodidact who took himself through MIT’s undergraduate computer science curriculum in a single year. Read his blog to learn how to learn.

As a bonus, here are my two favorite newsletters:

  • Adam Grant’s Granted. It’s monthly, so it’s not much of a time commitment. Grant is a superstar organizational psychologist, and he curates amazing content.
  • Dan Pink’s Pinkcast. I love Dan Pink. Everyone seems to love Dan Pink. The Pinkcast is twice-monthly, and like Granted, it’s a collection of thought-provoking, worklife-improving content.

Readers, what great blogs am I missing? Help me get smarter!